Somewhere out in the uncharted waters of the Bermuda Triangle lies a small isolated island. This island has stayed largely undisturbed for millions of years. Dinosaurs and primitive mammals still roam its plains and jungles, prehistoric man seeks shelter in the cooled vents of its volcanoes. Unknown to its inhabitants and the outside world an unknown race constructed a great force field, to keep out both intruders and the harshest weather, powered by the heat of the islands volcanoes it still keeps silent duty in the caves under the island. Here lies adventure.

Description: The island averages about 20 miles long east to west, and between 3-6 miles wide north to south. The force field barrier extends invisibly about 10 miles out from the island. Although the barrier is water and air permeable it has caused a certain amount of extra moisture to become trapped inside, which in trn helps retain more heat. The result is that the island is constantly warmer and more humid than the outside area, and is constantly enshrouded by mist. This has helped disguise the island from passing ships and satellite photographs, and allowed it to go unnoticed since before recorded history.
The island is divided in two by a small range of rocky crags including 2 active volcanoes. The northwest portion of the island is plains edged with forest. It is here that most of the large dinosaurs live. Primitive humans live in caves here along the edge of the mountains. The southeast portion of the island is mainly jungle. There are a variety of dangerous predatory mammals and dinosaurs here. There is a lodge dwelling here on the southern bay. It is the laboratory of a human doctor who washed up on the shores 20 years ago.
The two volcano cones on the island are active but rarely erupt, and only to send a few streams of molten rock down the sides of the mountain. The locals always have plenty of warning to get out of the lava's way.

History: The island was created artificially over 200 million years ago by an unknown race. Observations would indicate it was meant as a scientific or hunting reserve as there are no buildings or artificial structures surviving except for the force field generating equiptment under the volcanoes. At some point new creatures must have been added, probably at more than one point since many of the animals living on the island are from different time periods in Earth's history. It's unknown when the first modern human set foot on the island, but the first one in recent history was Dr. Phillip Brandeau. Twenty years ago Phillip managed to coax his damaged boat to shore and used the tools and equiptment on board to construct a small lodge. Once his basic needs were satisfied he began to use the lab equiptment from his boat to experiment on the local wildlife, combining their genetic traits with those of the primitive humans on the island. Thus were created the animen. Seven years ago two more humans washed ashore after a storm capsized their vessel. They realized quickly that they were at cross purposes to Dr. Brandeau so they set off and built a tree dwelling in the forests on the northern part of the island. They communicate with the primitive humans living in caves to the west of them and often protect them from the animen and predatory dinosaurs, but otherwise hunt, fish, and wait for sign of rescue. Dr. Brandeau has not sufficiently explored the island to know of the secured areas under the volcano where the force field generator rests. Keisha and Savage are aware of the caves, but have never gotten inside the security doors.

Location: Somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. Exact coordinates can be determined by Gamemaster at his/her leisure.

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Adventure Ideas:
Since this is a sourcebook and not a canned adventure there is no "path" for characters to follow, and no specific goals. These are determined by the Gamemaster before play commences I have included some possible adventure ideas here to get Gamemasters started in designing adventures for this environment. Please feel free to use this however you please, and check out the recomended reading and films sections for more ideas. Also for convienience I have broken down my ideas into three categories, one for arriving at the island, one for adventures on the island, and one for ideas to get back home.

Getting there is half the fun

Challenger Take-Off: A noted professor at the local university is being denounced as a crack pot. He claims to have evidence of the existence of an island in the Atlantic Ocean that still supports forms of life once thought to be extinct. He will only give the island's coordinates to a serious investigation team, as he does not feel that everyone should be allowed access to the island. If the characters agree to investigate, the professor will provide them with coordinates for the island, and the university will provide transport on a small exploratory vessel called the "Challenger". The Gamemaster may want to sink the ship as soon as they arrive.

Three Hour Tour: The characters are invited on a small commercial vessel, perhaps as a fishing trip, or as a pleasure cruise to thank characters for some service. The vessel gets lost in a freak storm, and the characters wash ashore on the island, the ship sunk in the harbor.

Da Plane, Da Plane!: The characters are on a private or commercial airline passing over the bermuda triangle. The pilot succumbs to the triangles mysterious influences and the plane crashes into the ocean, any survivors - including the characters of course - wash ashore on the island.

Time and Time Again: Characters may be transported to the island by a villain who may try to fool them into thinking they have passed backward in time.

This Is Your Life

Does This Hurt?: The good doctor has not experimented on subjects that already possessed super powers. He may try to con the characters into allowing him to work on them, if they submit then have one of the characters break the mental conditioning and rescue the others. Or, he may send the Animen to capture unwilling subjects. If characters talk to Savage and Keisha they will tell the characters all about Brandeau's experiments.
Don't Look Behind You: A gang of supevillains have followed the characters to the island. They think it would make the ideal secret base to operate from. They will begin harassing the local wildlife and constructing a crude HQ. They will also try to eliminate Savage, Keisha, and the characters as potential threats. They will either try to work with Brandeau, especially if he contacted them, or they will try to eliminate him too.

Home Again, Home Again, Jigitty Jig

Raise the Titanic: The characters may be able to raise Vespucci's boat from the bottom of the bay and repair the hull. They will have to find out it's even there first though.

Peek-A-Boo: If the characters decide to disable the Force Field Generator the island will become visible to satellites, ships, and planes. The U.S. Government will have a military unit out to investigate within three hours.

Hijack: If supervillains have come to the island at Brandeau's request, or in pursuit of the characters they will have their own transport, the characters can find it and take it.

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