This is a gallery of some of my character sketches over the years. Some are quite old, one only a few days. I apologize for the quality of the images, but most are pencil sketches that I fixed up in Paint Shop Pro after scanning. Let me know what you think, most of these characters do not have stats listed on my site - but I may be prompted to add them.

One interesting piece of note... my wife actually sewed up costumes - as pictured - for Silver Arrow and Totem and wore each to Gen Con. If anyone is interested in smoothing out and coloring these pieces, I'd be interested in seeing the results and possibly posting them to the page. Enjoy!

Black Bolt Devil Esprit Express Fire Ant
Gargantuan Licorice Whip Microjack (Miscellaneous) Nightmare
Pathfinder Silver Arrow Totem Terrible Trio Vixen

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All Graphics Copyright 1998 Craig Griswold