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Spells and Spell Books:
Spells are at the heart of any magic based character, adventure, or campaign. I have included 3 categories of spells below. Spells will be added to this list as time permits, and as they are submitted. Standard Villains and Vigilantes rules provide the spell casting character with one spell initially, and the character can create more spells by sucessfully using an Invention Point. I have another alternative to present.

Optional Rule: The character can also gain spells by using their training bonus to learn an existing one. To be able to learn an existing spell the character must either have repeated access to a spell book or magical tome that contains that spell, or must learn it from another spell caster who already knows it. Since they are training to learn the spell the spell being studied should be specified at the beginning of the level.

This may seem to make spell casters alot more powerful, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind about this. In order to learn spells the spell caster must either have access to a spell book, which are rare, or must have a mentor to teach them, also rare. If they do have access to either of these, then they can still only learn spells written in that spell book, or known by that mentor. No spell book will have more than a dozen spells, and most will have less than 8. Mentors may be better, but are harder to keep and may not be allowed by the Gamemaster. In addition just because a player has access to a dozen different forms of attack doesn't mean he will use them with any better results. Most spell casters will rely on a couple of spells for most of their needs, using the rest only in special situations.

Optional Rule For the Rules Upgrade: Characters purchase more spells the same way they purchase or improve powers and skill, using CPs. A GM may restrict what new spells can be learned though. If the characterhas the Occult skill they can roll against it to invent new spells (GM should modify the roll based on the complexity of the spell), they must spend the appropriate CPs in order to purchase it - but they do not lose CPs if they fail. If a character does not have this skill, or wants to avoid making the roll, they may learn a spell from a spell book that they have regular access to - or may be taught by someone else who knows the spell, such as a mentor or another character. Characters may only attempt to learn one new spell per gaming session.
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V&V Non-Combat Spells V&VU Non-Combat Spells
Below is one sample spell book, including history, and contents. Gamemasters are not obligated to use spell books in their campaigns, but they can be a useful plot device.

Necronomicon (Al Azif):

Mystic Characters:
Character TemplatesVV
Mystic VillainsFormat
Commander SatanisVV
Maxie MouseVV
Silver AxeVV
Mystic HeroesFormat
Black KnightVV
Lord InvernessVV

Adventure Ideas :
Revenge Served Hot

Hell Hath No Fury...: A new villainess has appeared and is wreaking havoc on various city icons. She is set on defacing or destroying everything that makes Mayfair City what it is, the statues in the park, the town square, and the replica of the ship used by the city founders to cross the ocean. She is actually the reborn incarnation of the city's oldest evil. Amy Heinz was a gentle healer accused of witchcraft in the 1700's, she was tortured, tried, and burned at the stake. Now, hundreds of years later she has broken free of Hell to take revenge. The only way she can be completely sated is if the city courts overturn their decision regarding her conviction and exhume her corpse - reburying it in holy ground.
Stats needed for adventure: Scorn,

Gargoyles and Boys: For the past week there have been several mysterious sightings in the night. Dark figures peering into second story windows, winged silouettes eclipsing the moon. The characters may be asked to investigate, or may stumble onto the cause on their own. Stony skinned gargoyles patrol the city, searching for something. If the characters try to stop the gargoyles they will fight back, but otherwise will ignore them and search until just before daybreak. Then they wil return in a flock to the roof of a plantation style farmhouse just outside the city limits. The current owner of the house is Caleb Nightshade. He is a retired librarian who was in charge of Miskatonic University's impressive collection. If confronted by the characters he will claim ignorance of the gargoyles forays into the city. In reality he gives them life each night. He is having them search the city for the secret lair of Lord Inverness, the sorcorer who made his home in Mayfair City in the early part of the century - and whose ghost occaisionaly still appears. Eventually Nightshade's gargoyles will discover the hidden lair under the Mayfair City Museum. The locks on the door can only be opened by magic, and once he begins to cast the spells to open it Lord Inverness will appear to the characters and explain what's happening. If Nightshade gains entrance to the lair he will have access to several highly destructive magic items, the players must get past the gargoyles and prevent Nightshade from entering the lair.
Stats needed for adventure: Gargoyles, Nightshade, Lord Inverness

Ungrateful Dead: 10 years ago a group of superheroes were ambushed and killed by parties unknown on the backstreets of Mayfair City. The heroes are brought back to life by evil magicians who want to control them, but revenge draws them to take off on their own. They begin to attack former and present city officials. All of those under attack were in power when the heroes died, and are directly responsible for their deaths. It is up to the characters to figure out why the undead heroes are attacking these people, anticipate their next move, and stop them.
Stats needed for adventure: Thorium, Warlord, NightHawk, Giantess

Manifest Destiny
King of Pain: The lord of the Nightmare Realm has finally gained enough power to open a portal to the waking realms. Strange creatures begin to cavort the streets of Mayfair City. As the populace becomes more terrified the portal will grow. The characters must either calm the populace so that the portal can dissipate, or take on Nightmare themselves.
Stats needed for adventure: Creatures from the Nightmare Realm, Nightmare

Hell's Bells: Bellezal, lord of the Black Pit, wants to increase his territory. Since the overlords of his own realms are to powerful for him to take on he has decided to expand outside his own dimension - and into ours. He passes a group of his greatest warriors through first to test the waters. If these supervillains are not defeated by the characters - they will return to their lord and he will begin the invasion. Ground troops and war beasts will come through temporary portals and make things very difficult for the players.
Stats needed for adventure: Bellezal's agents(Atrocity, Maneater, and Thorn), Bellezal's Ground Forces, War Beasts, Bellezal

Walk on the Wild Side

Iron Boots: Over the past month 6 people have been found dead, mutilated, in the alleyways of the slum district. Police suspect a serial killer, and the media are hyping it up. Every murder has blood everywhere, but no valuables have been taken and there are no connections between the victims. A few witnesses have reported seeing a youth or midget fleeing the scenes wearing a red stocking cap, black pants, and large boots. There is an old woman named Agnes Scrimm who lives in the area of the murders and claims that the murderer is not human, but an ancient Celtic faerie. Police and the media have largely ignored her. The heros decide to hear her out. She says that the killer is a faerie known as "Red Cap", he kills people so that he may die his hat red with their blood. She says he is so malevolent because he is forced to wear Iron Boots on his feet, which bind him to the mortal realms and cause him intense pain. If the characters can remove his boots the killing may stop, and he may return to the faerie realm. Otherwise, they will have the daunting task of capturing a thousand year old evil faerie.
If pressed, Agnes will reveal that she summoned the faerie here to deal with a couple local hoodlums who harass her when she goes to cash her Social Security checks. She doesn't know of any way to force him to return to his homeland. Removing the boots should not be easy. The boots could be blessed by a preist then cut off of him or lock picked, but Red Cap will not go on Holy Ground.
Stats needed for adventure: Red Cap, Agnes Scrimm

Prehistoric Park: Dinosaurs are running rampant in the city. The Purple Gang has gotten control of an magical talisman which ressurects the dead for 24 hours and is using it on dinosaur skeletons to bring forth these monsters from another time to occupy police and superheroes while they pull off major robberies. After 24 hours the dinosaurs turn back to skeletons. The talisman can only be used once per day. Characters can catch the Purple Gang in the act by staking out the museum, or wait at potential targets for their robberies.
Stats needed for adventure: Dinosaurs (see Forbidden Island Sourcebook), Purple Gang, Gorilla X

Magikal Mix-ups

Switch Hitter: The characters come across a mysterious robed figure robbing the precious gem display at the local museum. When they intervene he casts a spell that switches the minds of the characters into different bodies. There are two possible variations depending on how you want to torture your characters:
  1. The players pass their character sheet to the player on their left, the characters minds have switched bodies. Intelligence scores and skills stay with the characters along with everythings else for simplicity. The Baron will claim to be the only one who can return them to their own bodies. The Baron can undo the change, but if he doesn't it will reverse in a month.
  2. The players switch with innocent bystanders instead of each other. Some of these bystanders may be cooperative, but some will not want to switch back to their own bodies. Perhaps one or more are handicapped.

Stats needed for adventure: Baron Vickers, Demon minions, Bystanders

Catastrophic Crossover: New heroes start popping up in the neighborhood. When all the heroes get together, a gigantic shadowy form appears over the rooftops telling them that the multi-verse is shrinking, and only one of their universes will survive. They must battle to see which universe will prevail. This is actually a plot by a pan-dimensional being called the Pretender to cause chaos in the various cities these heroes come from while he commences to take over one of the cities devoid of heroes. The heroes must overcome any interpersonal difficulties, realize that the Pretender is involved (or track the dimensional rifts to him) and use the portals in his secret base to get to the city that's under attack, saving the day with a multi-dimensional taskforce.
Stats needed for adventure: Various crossover characters (see my Campaign HQ crossovers), Pretender, Pretender's forces
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