Adventure Ideas 2

For Villains and Vigilantes - Version .90 --- 6/3/96

This is still a work in progress. Please feel free to address any comments or suggestions to me at These adventures are created for use in Mayfair City, a fictional city that I will provide campaign info on later, but they can be easily adapted to almost any campaign.
Wild Nights

Pirate ship and crew: An old sailing ship,"The Bonnie Brine", is seen just a mile or two outside Mayfair City's harbor. She is crewed by a band dressed like pirates from a late night movie. Any ships that resist her are sunk and their crews disappear. The ship is actually a modern armored ship disguised with detailed wood, and both the crew's and ship's weapons are modern weapons disquised as archaic equivilents. Both plundered booty and captives taken from resistant ships are taken to an uncharted island several miles out and south of Mayfair City.
Stats needed for adventure: Pirates, Bonnie Brine

Gargoyles and boys: For the past week there have been several mysterious sightings in the night. Dark figures peering into second story windows, winged silouettes eclipsing the moon. The characters may be asked to investigate, or may stumble onto the cause on their own. Stony skinned gargoyles patrol the city, searching for something. If the characters try to stop the gargoyles they will fight back, but otherwise will ignore them and search until just before daybreak. Then they wil return in a flock to the roof of a plantation style farmhouse just outside the city limits. The current owner of the house is Caleb Nightshade. He is a retired librarian who was in charge of Miskatonic University's impressive collection. If confronted by the characters he will claim ignorance of the gargoyles forays into the city. In reality he gives them life each night. He is having them search the city for the secret lair of Lord Inverness, the sorcorer who made his home in Mayfair City in the early part of the century - and whose ghost occaisionaly still appears. Eventually Nightshade's gargoyles will discover the hidden lair under the Mayfair City Museum. The locks on the door can only be opened by magic, and once he begins to cast the spells to open it Lord Inverness will appear to the characters and explain what's happening. If Nightshade gains entrance to the lair he will have access to several highly destructive magic items, the players must get past the gargoyles and prevent Nightshade from entering the lair.
Stats needed for adventure: Gargoyles, Nightshade, Lord Inverness

Damselfish in Distress: Mermaids capture the heroes during a complimentary fishing cruise by one of the local boat rental shops. The mermaids supply heroes with water breathing devices as necessary, and request their help. A horde of giant mutant crabs has appeared from just north along the shore and has been preying on the merfolks underwater city as a food source. The players will see some of the giant mutant crabs in action, and hopefully stop them. If the crabs are tracked back to their source, the heroes will find the secret lab of Dr. Kraken. Kraken has bioengineered the giant mutant crabs towards the goal of taking over the surface world and is planning on attacking Mayfair City as soon as he has enough crabs to make short work of it. The heroes must destroy the lab and the device Dr. Kraken is using to control the crabs. The peaceful merfolk will be very grayeful and return the heroes to the boat. They can act to warn the characters of other dangers in the future.
Stats needed for adventure:Merfolk, Giant Mutant Crabs, Dr. Kraken

Organ Grinder: A mysterious organ grinder and his monkey have set up in the park. As soon as he starts playing his music strange things begin to happen. He always does well in receiving money from the crowd, but on one occaison a wealthy businessman emptied his wallet for the man. On another occaision a man who spurned the grinder and tried to kick his monkey was chased out of the park by a strange creature that popped up out of the ground. The organ grinder is actually an eccentric inventor who has created a number of uses for specially modulated soundwaves. His organ is actually a special weapon that incorporates a mind control device, an emotion control device, an illusion device, and a paralysis device. If confronted he will claim ignorance, or if may try to mind control the group's leader to convince the others to leave him alone. The monkey is also more than he seems, it is a capuchin monkey that was genetically altered to be super strong and invulnerable.
Stats needed for adventure: Organ Grinder(& monkey)
Dirty Deeds
Pleas and Tanks: A trio of hi-tech tanks has appeared in Mayfair Commons and has taken control of the area, holding city hall and the downtown area hostage. Their real purpose is to capture the heroes and take them back to the lab of their creator, Dr. Khashogi. Any heroes that are captured thus will have special Mind Control helmets attatched to their heads. Dr. Khashogi is an independent weapon manufacturer and if this test of the Mind Control helmets is successful he will mass produce them and use the captured heroes to capture and control others. As a test he will have the controlled characters rob the largest bank in the state, May-Corp Bank in Mayfair City. Any heroes that were not captured or who were able to resist the helmets must stop their friends and free them from control. If characters defeat all the tanks without anyone being captured, you should leave clues leading to Dr. Khashogi. When they go to confront him Dr. Khashogi will have other heroes already under control and he will use them against the characters. The other heroes will be trying to capture the heroes so that they can also be controlled.
Stats needed for adventure: Terror Tanks, Dr. Khashogi, Mind Control helmets, other heroes

Nuclear Terror: Some villains think bigger than others. The notorious Fatal Four, lead by the infamous Dr. death, have brought terror to Mayfair City. They have landed their stealth jet on top of City Hall and are constucting a nuclear bomb. Once the bomb is completed they will start a 10 minute countdown and flee the area. The purpose is to convince the U.S. Government that they are serious before threatening to blow up other cities. There is not alot of story to this adventure, just a quick desperate fight to get the blood pumping.
If you want to make this last longer then the government will recieve the threat of a nuclear explosion that will destroy Mayfair City in the next 12-24 hours. The government does not want to start a panic by trying to evacuate the city, and refuses to negotiate with terrorists, so the characters have 12 hours to find the bomb, defeat the villains guarding it and, if there is not enough time to call in a bomb specialist, they will have to disable or dispose of the bomb. The villains would have the bomb in an otherwise empty warehouse, and will call for their Stealth Jet by remote to escape 10 minutes before the bomb explodes.
Stats needed for adventure: Fatal Four(Dr. Death, Amazon, Golem, Adamant), Vehicle: Dr. Death's Dark Angel
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