Disposable Villains for Villains and Vigilantes

Disposable villains are basically the nameless, faceless creations that the character occaisionally has to fight. They may be working independently, or as agents of a supervillain or evil organization. Many of the previously available supplements available for Villains and Vigilantes list out a large table of such NPCs with unique stats for each. While this approach is more realistic, it can also be a pain in the rear for GMs trying to keep track of a bunch of yahoos who could be out with one punch. So instead, I am providing below sample stats for a variety of cannon fodder types to use in your campaign. Use the same stats for each one, varrying them when you have a character you intend to see return. Basic stats are provided below, detailed stats can be accessed by clicking on the name of each type.

Several of the listings below are stereotypes. They are not meant to offend anyone. They are commonly used in comic books, novels, television, and movies - hence their inclusion here. If you find any of these stereotypes offensive, then I suggest you just ignore this page and go back to the main page for this site.

Mafia Enforcer

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