Firearm Stats for Villains and Vigilantes
I hope to add more firearms as time goes by. To use these weapons under Villains and Vigilantes rules just ignore the CP Cost. Keep in mind with the bonuses to hit that a range modifier of -1 per A" of range should be applied to ranged attacks.

Firearms Statistics:
Type:To Hit:Range:Damage:Ammo:CP Cost:
M-79 40m Grenade Launcher+450"-280"see grenades1(+5)6(not incl. grenades)
Manville Riot Gun+4230"see grenades1212(not incl. grenades)
M72A3 150mm Rocket Launcher+5198"2d20122
M2A1-7 Portable Flame-thrower+536"1d121512

Below are stats for various 40 mm grenades available for the grenade launchers listed above. The CP Cost is special, add the CP Cost to the cost of the weapon once. The CP Cost for the weapon determines how many grenades they can carry per adventure, the character can change the "mix" of types each adventure based on what types he has purchased.

For example, Kammerjaeger has a Manville Riot Gun which he paid 12 CP for, he also paid 8 CP for High Explosive Rounds, and 15 CP for Stun Gas. This is a total of 35 CP. He specifies at the beginning of an adventure, or whenever the GM decides he can "reload", what the mix of rounds he has is. He may want 6 of each, all of one, or 8 of one and 4 of the other.

Type of Round:Damage:Blast Radius:Effect:CP Cost:
High Explosive HE 1d12 3" Energy Type Damage 9
Multiple Projectile 2d8 0" Kinetic Type Damage 10
Illumination N/A N/A Parachuting flare that will illuminate a 28" radius. 3
Smoke N/A 14" 14" radius area of Darkness, treat all victims as per darkness control. Lasts 12 turns (3 min).5
Tear Gas / Irritant N/A 4" Biochemical Attack, roll d12 and subtract the victim's defense. If the result is greater than 0 the victim is affected. The victim must roll a save vs. End to be able to act while affected. They may attempt no more than one action per turn while affected. The effect lasts 1 hour. The cloud lasts 12 turns.18
Baton 1d10 0" Kinetic Attack 6
Flash N/A 14" As per Light Control: Area Flash. 6
Stun Gas N/A 4" Biochemical Attack, As per Paralysis Ray.15

New Powers/Abilities for the Rules Upgrade:
Firearm Pool:
The player must assign CP to a permanent pool for this, they cannot simply use unspent points. This ability allows the character to switch firearms carried with a successful roll depending on how the character procures new weapons. Characters may confiscate new weapons from criminals, purchase them with a wealth roll, or build them with an appropriate Gunsmithing skill roll. After that session is over the weapon is gone and the points spent on it return to the characters Firearm Pool. This allows players to have a Punisher-esque character without having to seperately purchase every gun they wish to use. It allows them to use mission specific ordinance. Characters should only be allowed to change weapons at the beginning of an adventure, or when the GM deems it appropriate. Characters are never allowed to use more CP's worth of weapons than they have in their pool.

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by Craig Griswold
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