New Vehicles for Villains and Vigilantes

In the Rules Upgrade for Villains and Vigilantes, the rules listed for creating new vehicles are slightly vague and only a small list of vehicles are given to choose from. Included here are new vehicles for use with either the classic Villains and Vigilantes rules, or the Rules Upgrade. For use with Villains and Vigilantes simply ignore the CP cost for vehicles. Below are also included more detailed rules for constructing vehicles specifically with the Rules Upgrade.

New Vehicles
Hit Points:
Vehicle:Weight:Pass:Cargo:Speed(mph):Disable:Demolish:Weap:Equipt:CP Cost:
Armored Personnel Transport20,0005+1050004575300D,EG25+6
Gyrocopter5501+1550115 Flying3115
Hover Cycle5001+11003001535B5+2
Jet Cycle15001490770 Flying830H10+2
Jet Helicopter10,0002+8100010005020030
Magnetic Rail Train120002+?800040040120*
Personal Hydrofoil85001+585001854317025
Police Car4,0001+310002002510010
Police Motorcycle5001+1501755205
"Sea Viper" Sub/Hydrofoil50,0003+1010,00013 knots/12550200C(6)C96+6
Space Shuttle50,0002+8700012,000/96,0002501000AA*
Star Shuttle95000+810002000/200,00050200A,B35+2
Stealth VTOL Plane15,0003+150055050200D,G25+4
* Those vehicles without CP costs are not intended for use as personal vehicles.

Vehicular Weapons:Range:Damage:CP Cost:
A:Miniature Laser Turet40"2d813
B:Blaster Gun30"1d108
C:Missile500"2d20 (Cost is for 6 missiles)25
D:120mm canon40"1d2014
E:12mm Machine Gun30"2d610

Vehicular Equipment:CP Cost:
A:Life Support - Space10
B:AI Auto Pilot5
C:Life Support - Deep Sea10
D:Stealth Kit (Invisible to Radar)10
E:Cloaking Device (Invisible)15
F:Vertical Take Off and Landing10
G:Life Support - Basic, Airtight with Oxygen supply10
H:Force Field: 10pt Personal FF for Vehicle15

Vehicle Construction Rules for the Villains and Vigilantes Rules Upgrade
In addition to including a larger number of base vehicles, it's important to have a simple method of creating unique vehicles. Follow the basic rules below for constructing a vehicle for use with the Rules Upgrade. Keep in mind that these rules cover vehicles, these rules do not cover devices like armored suits, jet packs and the like. Those items should be purchased using the normal device rules.
  1. To figure the Base Cost of a vehicle not covered in the Villains and Vigilantes Rules Upgrade use the following equation:
    1. Take the CP cost for the weight of the vehicle from the table below:
      Weight RangeCP Cost
      each 1000 above 5000+2
    2. Add the CP cost for Passengers and Pilots:
      # of PassengersCP Cost
      every 5 above 15+1
      # of PilotsCP Cost
      each additional pilot-1
    3. Add the CP cost for Cargo Capacity:
      Cargo CapacityCP Cost
      1/10th Weight-2
      1/5th Weight-1
      1/3rd Weight0
      1/2 Weight2
      2/3rds Weight4
      = Weight6
      1 1/2 Weight8
    4. And add the CP cost for speed:
      Ground SpeedCP Cost
      Flying SpeedCP Cost
      Mach 115
      Mach 220
      Mach 325
      Water SpeedCP Cost
    5. Round to the nearest 5 pts, 0-7=5CP, 8-12=10, 13-17=15, etc.

  2. It costs 2 CP for every 15 CP of Vehicular Weapons and Equipment. Add that cost to the Base Cost of the vehicle as listed in the Rules Upgrade, or use the special rules above, to determine total cost. Use these points to buy vehicular abilities not included below. For example, if you'd like a flame thrower added to the vehicle purchase a Flame Blast device as outlined in the Rules Upgrade, but determine the end CP cost by only spending 2 CP for every 15 CP's purchased. It is important to note that these devices are attached to the vehicle, and cannot be detached for use outside of it. If a character wants to purchase a removable device they must pay the full CP cost for that device.

  3. More than one character can contribute to the cost of a vehicle. Each character's contribution should be noted both on their character sheet and on the record sheet for the vehicle. GM's may rule that characters must make equal contributions to the vehicle, or may allow some characters to contribute the bulk of the points. Any character spending at least 5 CP towards a vehicle should be automatically given the skill to operate that vehicle. If none of the characters have spent 5 CP, then one pilot may be specified and the skill given to that character.
  4. The GM's word is final. If the GM thinks the CP cost is too high or too low then they may assign CP cost as desired. Players may also ask for unusual things not covered in these rules, such as vehicles that can transform into other vehicles, or sets of vehicles that combine to make a giant one. The GM must use their best judgment in each case to determine CP costs. GMs should take input from the players in these decisions, the primary goal of any RPG is to have fun, but the GM has the final word.

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by Craig "Pandemonium" Griswold, pandemonium(at)
copyright 1997 by Craig Griswold
Villains and Vigilantes copyright 1982 Jeff Dee and Jack Herman