New HTH Weapons for Villains and Vigilantes

The Rules Upgrade is the latest version of Jeff Dee and Jack Herman's classic superhero RPG Villains and Vigilantes. It incorporates much of the classic architecture that has made Villains and Vigilantes a cult favorite, but introduces a new combat system, skill system, and a system for purchasing powers and abilities using CPs. In addition to spending CPs to purchase superpowers you also need to use CPs purchase weapons. There is a good selection of weapons included in the Upgrade rules, but a number of popular weapons have not been included. All of these weapons can be used without modification using the Villains and Vigilantes rules as well, simply ignore CP cost.
HTH Weapons
TypeTo Hit:Damage:To Hit Ranged:Range:Ranged Damage:CP Cost:
Bagh Nakh+1HTH+1d23
Jitte / Sai+2HTH+1d4+2(A" if thrown)HTH+1d46
Mace, Spiked+2HTH+1d87
Shuriken+3(A" if thrown)HTH+15

Creating HTH Weapons for the Rules Upgrade
To create stats for your own weapons in the Rules Upgrade you can follow this formula:
(Bonus to Hit) + (Average Damage) + (# of Attributes of Range) = CP Cost
  1. Bonus to hit is simple. For every +1 to hit the weapon has add one to the CP cost.
  2. Average damage is calculated by taking the maximum roll for each dice, dividing each by two and adding one. Then add any other damage bonuses the same way you add the bonus to hit. There is no cost for adding HTH damage to the weapon damage. See the table below for the most common damage rolls and their respective costs.
    Weapon DamageCP Cost
  3. How many attributes worth of range is also simple, as illustrated in the table below. A weapon is normally based on Agility, but any attribute can be used with GM approval.
    Weapon RangeCP Cost
When generating the stats for new weapons it is best to compare the weapon you want to make to the stats for a weapon already covered. For example, to make the stats for a wakizashi - a Japanese short sword usually worn with a katana - compare it to the stats of other Japanese swords. A katana is +2 to hit, HTH+d6 damage. A katana is longer and heavier than a wakizashi, so the katana should do more damage. A ninjato is +3 to hit and HTH+d4 damage. The ninjato is specially designed for quick and effective use, so the wakizashi should not get the same bonus to hit. By comparing the wakizashi to these weapons then we give it the following stats, +2 to hit and HTH+d4 damage.

The same process will work with any other weapons as well, whether it is a real weapon, or one you are inventing yourself. Aliens and lost civilizations may use very different weapons, but the basic principles will always be the same.

Special Abilities for Weapons in Villains and Vigilantes
Some weapons have magic or high-tech abilities not covered in the normal rules. Some of these abilities are included below. CP costs are included for use with the Rules Upgrade. General rules for CP cost are about 5 CP for moderately useful abilities, 10 CP for very useful, and 15 CP for extremely useful. Weapons can have standard powers, these are purchased the same way other devices are.

New Skills and Abilities with the Rules Upgrade

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