More HTH Weapons for Villains and Vigilantes

I have created a second round of HTH weapon stats usable in Villains and Vigilantes and the Rules Upgrade. It incorporates both commonly known weapons as well as some you may be less familiar with. Villains and Vigilantes users, simply ignore CP cost for the weapons.
HTH Weapons
TypeTo Hit:Damage:To Hit Ranged:Range:Ranged Damage:CP Cost:
Blowgun+2A"1 pt.4
Sword Cane+2HTH+1d45
Tomahawk+1HTH+1d4+1(A" if thrown)HTH+1d45
Uchi-Ne+1(A" if thrown)HTH+14
* Lassos do no actual damage.
Under the Rules Upgrade they perform a grab attack, detailed in the new combat rules. Since the attacker is not right there the defender cannot get a free attack on them, so GM's need to modify the Break Grip moves appropriately.
Under Villains and Vigilantes rules the victim's arms or legs are restrained and the victim must make a save vs. Agility on d100 to get loose, or must do at least 4 pts of damage to the rope to break it. Characters can take an action to flex their muscles to break the rope if their arms are pinned, they do half their normal HTH damage to the rope. It is up to the GM exactly what effect this has on the victim.

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Villains and Vigilantes copyright 1982 Jeff Dee and Jack Herman