Welcome to Campaign HQ's Crossovers. I will include in this space the stats for an existing character from comics or elsewhere every month or so. Also on this page I've intergrated character submissions from other V&V and Rules Upgrade players. To submit your own character see the link at the bottom of the page!

Comic Book Characters
CharacterSource:Date Added:Format:
The DarknessTop CowJanuary 20 1998V&V
HellboyDark Horse ComicsMay 29 1997V&V
HellboyDark Horse ComicsMay 29 1997V&VU
KillrazorTop Cow ComicsFebruary 1997V&V
KillrazorTop Cow ComicsMay 21 1997V&VU
RicochetImage ComicsApril 22 1997V&V
RicochetImage ComicsMay 21 1997V&VU
Savage DragonImage ComicsApril 22 1997V&V
Xena: Warrior PrincessUniversal TelevisionMarch 1997V&V

Submitted Characters
CharacterSubmitted By:Format:
Captain AmericaMichael TaylorV&V
Doctor StrangeMichael TaylorV&V
SupermanMichael TaylorV&V
Wonder WomanMichael TaylorV&V
Bionic Nazi ZombieNightman1a@fuse.netV&V
GalaxianPhil HallV&VU
GalaxianPhil HallV&V

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