Thrilling Adventures d20 RPG
Thrilling Adventures d20 RPG

By Tim Hartin

Explore pulp roleplaying with this d20 RPG. This archive site is dedicated to the d20 minigame, Pulp Heroes, as found in Dungeon #90 / Polyhedron #149.

The September 2003 issue of Dungeon #102 / Polyhedron Magazine #161 contained a D20 Modern version of the Pulp Heroes minigame. Please note that this site is dedicated to the original version of the Pulp Heroes RPG and not the later D20 Modern version.

September 7th, 2003 - this site became an Archive.

Thrilling Adventures d20 RPG


Click here for a listing of all new Origins. All New Origins are Open Game Content.
§ Criminal
§ Venusian Space Vixen


§ The Academic: Skilled experts who are dedicated to learning as much as they can about specific fields of interest.
§ The Daredevil: Astonish your audience with death-defying stunts and thrills.
§ The G-Man: Help stop organized crime! Join the F.B.I. or become a Prohibition Agent now!

Thrilling Adventures d20 RPG

§ The Aviator: Exceptional breed of pilot whose skill with an airship is as legendary as their desire to fly.
§ The Dinosaur Hunter: Brave ancient jungles and lost canyons for the greatest survival challenge ever - hunting dinosaurs.
§ The Prizefighter: Skilled pugilists who are dangerous inside and outside of the boxing ring.

Thrilling Adventures d20 RPG

§ The Criminal Mastermind: Nefarious, scheming genius with ample ambition, greed, and influence.
§ The Femme Fatale: Cold and calculating seductress who exudes sex and danger.


Click here for a comprehensive listing of the Feats involved in a Pulp Heroes game. All New Feats are Open Game Content.
§ Escapology
§ Forbidden Secrets
§ Hypnotism
§ Inheritance
§ Research Specialization


§ Jargoro - City of Apes: A city of intelligent talking Great Apes, hidden in the heart of the Congo Basin jungle.


Here are a few dinosaurs to add to your pulp game. These conversions include the standard Monster Manual entry but modified slightly for a Pulp Heroes game. I have included alignment in case you wish to use these dinosaurs in your D&D game. To convert - substitute Vitality for HPs, and ignore the Wounds stat.
§ Ankylosaurus
§ Dsungaripterus µ
§ Homalocephale

µ Conversion created by a guest author.


§ Gerald ("The Professor") Deacon: A brilliant intellectual and inventor who now works for the F.B.I. as he tackles strange and unusual cases.
§ H.P. Lovecraft: A fictional conversion of the macabre pulp horror writer.
§ Shandara the She-Bat: A masked vigilante trained in the eastern arts of mysticism and kung fu.
§ Sheila ("the Shiv") O'Sullivan: A ruthless femme fatale who is especially handy with a switchblade.
§ Space Vixens from Venus: A military expeditionary force sent to earth to contain the danger of humanity (especially the male of the species).


§ Expanded Skill Chart
§ Expanded Weapons Table


§ Thrilling Adventures Calendar: A list of previous updates.


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The image to the left is the Pulp Heroes character - The Ruby Rooster (click to see more). The miniature was painted and converted by Clay Lewis. Clay described the character as "an upcoming Villain(?) in Tom Floyd's campaign." Thanks for the picture, Clay.

Pulp Heroes, Dungeon & Dragons, Psionics Handbook are trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast. Pulp Heroes was written by David Noonan. Ruby Rooster © Clay Lewis. Dsungaripterus Dinosaur conversion © John Simcoe. The Thrilling Adventures site and logo © Tim Hartin.

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